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Consumable supplies for a scheme of work

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1Consumable supplies for a scheme of work Empty Consumable supplies for a scheme of work on Fri Sep 27, 2013 10:51 pm


Hi all,

I was wondering how far in advance you look into the schemes of work to ensure you have sufficient supply of chemicals & other consumables.

We are using the Fusion KS3 & AQA/BTEC KS4 schemes, and none of those come with a clinical list of equipment required to run those courses. We are in the process of making a database with this information but it is not always easy to extract from the teacher's edition textbooks or schemes of work. Does such a document exist?

Many thanks for any advise,

Chris & Charlie (Colchester Academy)

2Consumable supplies for a scheme of work Empty Consumables on Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:28 am



This is mostly dealt with by teaching staff in my school.
The KS3 scheme is written in house and passed to us with a list of suggested practicals from which we choose the reasonable ones!
KS4 is more difficult, we have to be on the ball to remind the HOD to give us a list of practicals as far in advance as possible, but we have been doing similar courses for a few years so we know pretty much what is needed.

Reading this back we seem very lucky and fairly well organised, practice is different I assure you!


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