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Professional status for Science Technicians

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1Professional status for Science Technicians  Empty Professional status for Science Technicians on Sat Mar 17, 2012 12:31 pm


What do you think to professional status for Science Technicians and will you be taking up the opportunity?


I must admit, I don't know much about it. Do you have a link at all for more information, please?



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Hi c.ashworth. Having found out a little more, it might be a good idea. Can I ask, will your school pay for the fees and membership costs, or will you have to pay yourself?


Hello Maggie,

I don't know about the cost of registration however the department/school have paid for ASE membership and my HoS seems to be behind me on this so it is possible they will cover fees as well.

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I think you will need your own membership of the ASE as it is specific to you.
Has the department/school paid for the head of department’s membership which has been made available to the whole department.
To achieve professional status you have to pay an administration fee and then another £20 on top of your membership fee.


Sorry I probably wasn't very clear the department has paid for ASE membership for me not the HoS or department


c.ashworth wrote:Sorry I probably wasn't very clear the department has paid for ASE membership for me not the HoS or department

That's interesting. I wonder what percentage of technicians have ASE membership paid for them by the department or school. I can see that it is in the school's interest, as it helps to raise the subject profile as well as your personal profile.

I understand that as an ASE member you receive public liability insurance. Wouldn't the school be covered anyway? What would you say are the benefits of membership of the ASE?

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Rachel Rawson
Hi Maggie
Follow this link for more info. Also Simon Quinnell runs a course which is degree level I think but have got a new computer so can't find the email I had from him. You could try him. It doesn't seem to be advertised anywhere.


Personally I think membership of any organisation that gives the oppertunity for professional development and to meet others who do the same job as yourself is well worth it.

I know a lot of areas used to have technicians meetings but at least where I live and work they have all disappeared and I was in a situation last year where I needed something for an ISA and couldn't get it in time from the educational suppliers so I had to ring around every school in the LA to see if they would help us. I think that would have been so much easier had I known other technicians.

With regards to liability insurance I am sure the school would be covered but in todays compensation culture where they wlll go after anyone they think they can surely it is better to have your back covered.


Hi, I agree with you anywhere you can get CPD and meet/chat to technicians is worthwhile.
I was a member of the ASE for eight years and to be honest I didn’t get much out of it - Saying that, I am going to join again because of the insurance, hopefully between the ASE, Unison, and the school I will be covered.
Things may have changed but I got the feeling that the technician side of the ASE was a little half-hearted as if they were only doing it because they thought they should.
If your LA or school has bought into CLEAPPS there are many resources for technicians.


I use the CLEAPSS resources a lot and I am trying to wake the teachers up to what exactly is there for them as all they tend to think is hazcards, harzcards, hazcards but I have heard a rumour that the LA I work for may no longer be subscribing as a member of CLEAPSS which would mean I wouldn't get any updates or bulletins anymore

Emma B

Jus a message to c.ashworth. My Head of department is also willing for me to do the RSci Tech qualification. I was wondering have you started it yet? Do you think it is worthwhile? And what is your opinion of the qualification?


Hi Emma

Unfortunately not yet as we are waiting on ASE membership confirmation it will likely be September now as we are fast running out of time for this year as we finish two weeks on Wednesday.


I found out yesterday that the institute of science and technology have had their application for membership to the Science Council approved making it one of the 37 council members that can offer the (RSciTech).Institute of Science and Technology

16Professional status for Science Technicians  Empty Professional Status on Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:00 pm


Hi, I have just had my performance management meeting and the school have agreed to pay my ASE membership and the application fee for RSciTech.
I would probably not have asked if c.ashworth had not posted that their school would pay for their membership, so thanks it shows my schools commitment to my development and you have saved me £35 this year and £50 a year after that if my application for Professional Status is successful.

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